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In our accelerating world, modern technologies come to facilitate our adaptation to the pace of this progress and provide us with information that our awareness may overlook. Thus, these new technologies help us to make the right decisions always. Motorna is one of these technologies as it provides the users with the information they need to care for vehicles in addition to the sharing feature, which helps in ensuring the safety of family members during their use of the vehicle. This is in addition to the ability to provide the device with a data SIM and share Wi-Fi with passengers to achieve a permanent connection to the Internet on the road

Motorna features

Motorna is one of the modern technologies that help to care for vehicles and maintain the safety of its users. Among the advantages of this technology
Care and attention
Through real-time tracking of all trips, you can now check on your family members in addition to keeping a record of trips and the ability to go back to it at any time. In addition to sending notifications when there is any emergency.
Confidentiality and security
Most families in our community rely on a private driver to meet the family's needs. Motorna enables you to monitor driver behavior, measure the average speed, and provide you with notifications if the speed limit is exceeded. In addition to providing you with a complete diagnosis of the condition of the vehicle while driving, Motorna also provides you with the feature of anti-theft, vehicle recovery and always knowing its location. Motorna helps you to keep the vehicle's documents and drivers documents as well in the app, and it ensures you completely confidentiality have all the documents related to the vehicle are in the palm of your hand
Follow-up and briefing
The technology in Motorna depends on continuous analysis of the vehicle's condition while driving, and alert notifications are sent Motorna App if the speed limit or vehicle has exited the specified zones that has been set. There is also a feature to follow and schedule maintenance dates and notify the user of the levels of gasoline consumption, calculate the distances covered for your trips, and the operation time of the vehicle. In addition to alerting if any problems in the vehicle's engine accrue.
Easy access
Most of us depend on the digital network these days in all of his daily activities, and this is why Motorna provides you with the feature of sharing the internet inside the vehicle via Wi-Fi, which allows up to 8 passengers to connect to the network by providing the device with a data SIM from any local telecom provider.
Motorna app has been developed to be easy to use, responsive and in constant contact with the vehicle and the network. With the feature of Wi-Fi sharing, there are no limits to entertainment when you use Motorna, distances become shorter and entertainment last for long.
Direction and guidance
With the rapid development of infrastructure in the Kingdom, the challenge lies in new methods, and sometimes it is difficult to reach your destination without using the technology of maps in smart phones. Motorna provides you with a location guide to guide the driver to the required places as soon as possible. You can also locate maintenance workshops or hospitals near you. In addition to the Providing users with contact numbers in emergency cases.