How can I get Motorna?

You can get motorna by contacting the customer care number: 920000474 from 8:00 am-10:00 pmو Sunday-Thursday, or by ordering through motorna website:

How can I get the App? Is there any charges in order to get the App?

Motorna App is exist on both platforms Google Play & App Store, find it by searching on “Motorna” or “موترنا” . Customer will enjoy Motorna features by annual subscriptions up front, except the 1st year it will be totally free.

How can I connect motorna device into the car? Where is the OBD?

It get connected directly through the OBD plug without any technician or external support. You can find the plug on the bottom area of the steering
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Signing and Activating Account:

How can I create an account in Motorna? And where do I find the activation code?

Firstly, you have to insert the serial number which is printed on the device, then the activation code which is sticked on the startup guide sheet inside the packaging (see attached image), then insert your phone number. After that you will receive four-digit number on SMS you have to insert it. Now your motorna account has created.

How can I add a car?

Go to the dashboard then to “Zones” and specify the area you want to cover on the map, after that you will be moved to the zone setting so you set the zone at your convenience Watch Video

About the App:

How can I ensure about the car health?

In the home page choose the intended car and it will directly present a dashboard of the car health details.

I want to track my car!

In the home page choose the car you would track and the map will show directly the car current location.

I want to see the History of my car trips!

In the home page choose the intended car, then press on “History” option.

How can I add a zone?

Go to the dashboard then to “Zones” and specify the area you want to cover on the map, after that you will be moved to the zone setting so you set the zone at your convenience. Watch Video

How many cars maximum I can add to my account?

There is no limit.

Am I able to use one device for more than one car?

Yes you can. But keep in mind that only one car at a time will be active which is the one connected to the device currently.

Can I use one device for multi cars at a time?

No you can not, only the car which is connected to the device.

How can i activate the Internet during the trip inside the car?

Go to the dashboard and click on “motorna wifi”, then activate the internet for the intended car.

How can i secure my internet network and control the access there?

Initially there is a default wifi password which is: “1234567890”. However you can change it by going to “motorna wifi” and click on the intended car then directly you can change the password.

How can I submit a complaint, inquiry or suggestion to Motorna?

Through four channels: Customer service: (920000474) -8:00am-10:00pm from Sunday to Thursday- , Motorna email address: (, Twitter account: (@motorna_sa) ot by the App from “Assistance” option.


What are the payment methods?

Customer can pay by Cash on Delivery: 2 SR charges for the COD service.

Do you offer delivery service? does it reach all Saudi regions?

Yes we offer! Once your order has been shipped, we will send you out the tracking number of your shipment. The delivery cover all saudi regions without exception.